Guam - Tumble above an 11km abyss

With only one day, there is not much time to visit in Guam. Intentionally I booked a flight which has a stopover here so that I have the chance to get a glimpse what is happening on this small island on US territory.

December 5 - 1 day in Guam

Came to Guam from Palau, after a week on the diving liveaboard "Tropic Dancer". It was just a stopover for one day, arrived in the early morning and continued the flight in the afternoon towards Manila.

To get most out of the short visit, I rented a car and drove around the Island.

Selfdriving in Guam Map


Nice road to have a car crash
Due to the lack of sleep this night, because the flight from Guam started around 2am and arrived in Guam around 6am, I was a bit dizzy while driving.

And so even a coffee didn't prevent me to bump into another car in front of me. Thankfully it wasn't a real crash, but... yes. However it was probably the smoothest of all crashes I will ever have :) The driver went out of his car, took a look on the back of the vehicle, saying "ahh, no problem!", went back in and drove away :)

Not sure if he maybe wanted to avoid any circumstances with police or insurance or whatever, cause the bulge on the car was clearly visible. But I was totally ok with that, not to spend the half day filling out forms for insurances.

Towards and along the Mariana Trench

Mariana Trench
Mariana Trench
It was a nice ride around the island. One main road leads always along the coast and so the Mariana trench was always visible, even it was still far away.

The Mariana trench is the deepest part of the whole planet and goes down to 11'000 meters below the surface. Only four descents down there have been made so far in history.

In the center of Guam are lots of modern small-sized malls in a typical American style and the impression is like Guam wants to attract especially tourists with it. But I don't know if Guam is really the best choice when it comes to planning for vacations. Although there are some nice beaches.

As it is US territory, it is to expect that malls do have the same amount of big grocery stores as on US mainland. The only difference to the US mainland might be that people look more like island people, obviously. Also, it is clearly visible that people here became used to the American fast food, but that's not a wonder, as the pizzas in the takeaway stand in the malls are delicious and a small portion of it never might be enough :)

Sightseeing in Guam:

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