Lithuania - Drunk UK tourists flood Vilnius

The old town of Vilnius is absolutely fine, but because of all the drunk tourists in the old town, I was a little bit disappointed to see how alcohol can indirectly create some ugly impressions. I was shocked by the amount of loud UK tourists who were already drunk in the early afternoon and swearing all over the old town like in a soccer stadium.

October 8 - No good first impression, but...

Even I got a bad impression about the capital because of the drunk tourists, I was still eager to see what Vilnius has to offer. And based on that point of view I found some nice places and sights. Maybe also the weather was having some negative influence on how I experienced the city, as it was raining and very windy all the time I was in Vilnius. Except for the last two hours I was there when the sun appeared and gave me some little sunny impressions how Vilnius could be when its nice weather :)

The old town of Vilnius doesn't have a real center, but instead, it has different centers and gives me the opportunity to walk all day again. In the south, there is this so-called "Gate of Dawn", in the middle the "Town Hall" and in the north the "Palace of the Grand Duke of Lithuania". The last one was my favorite, as its the only spot in Vilnius to glimpse over the whole Old Town. In my case however, the rain and wind were too strong and didn't allow me to spend more than a few minutes at the top of the small hill. Glad that I brought my storm proof umbrella, which did a good job up there :)

Map of Vilnius, with some of the main things to see.

After entering the Gate of Dawn, this is the view on a rainy day in Vilnius. In the middle age Vilnius was became completely surrounded by a defensive wall, and this Gate of Dawn was the entrance.
Entering the Gate of Dawn

Moving from the South of the old town towards the middle part, there are lots of restaurants and cafes.
Walking towards Vilnus Town Hall

The artillery bastion

Vilnius Artillery Bastion

From the roof of the Bastion, there is a small lookout. But on rainy days like today, it wasn't such a big pleasure.

Cannons on the roof of the Bastion.
Cannons on Bastion of Vilnius

View from the Vilnius Bastion

Visiting the basement, which is equipped with many cannons and war stuff like armor and helmets.

Cannon in the basement of Vilnius bastion.

In front of the Town Hall, which is located in the middle of the Old Town.
Standing beside the Town Hall of Vilnius.

The Uzupis District. An own town in the old town.

Part of Old Town, a largely unrestored area primarily occupied by artists, dreamers, squatters, and drunks. Before 2000, the residents of Uzupis unofficially declared the area to be an independent republic, with its own president, anthem, flag, and constitution.

Uzupis Graffity

Center of Uzupis
The center of Uzupis is not difficult to find. Just cross the bridge and from the Old town and there it is.

Leaving the Res Publika Uzupio

This church seems to be an important one, called the church St. Francis Assisi. Never heard of that but it is worth a look as it was surely much effort to build this church.

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