Sweden - Its cold up here in Stockholm

How to: A weekend in Stockholm

I couldn't remember much from the visit almost 20 years ago so it was interesting to see the city again.  When seeing these streets and Stockholm's most famous buildings, memories of my first visit back then start to regain.

The airport in Stockholm is far from the city center. A 45-minute bus ride it takes to get into downtown Stockholm. 

A weekend in Stockholm

This weekend it was freezing and busts of very cold wind and snow pushed through the streets.

Was considering riding around Stockholm with the hop on hop off bus but it definitely isn't necessary or one must be very lazy when taking a hop on the bus. 

In addition, there aren't so many spectacular things to see. Well, maybe the museum, the vasa museum, with the old ancient Viking boat.

Tourist Map of Stockholm

Was not interested in all these museums and so visiting the city in two days is easy. Stockholm is good for a walkthrough. There are not that many things to see which are super spectacular. Yes, nice to see and look while walking by. 

But surely that is because I'm used to these kinds of city architecture from back home - and here back home in Switzerland, it almost looks the same as in Stockholm.

Nevertheless, even with the cold weather, I tried to make the best out of my visit. 

Area around the Plaza "Sergels torg".

The "Swedish Parliament House" and towards the mini island "Gamla Stan".

The "Royal Palace" and around "Gamla Stan".

East of "Gamla Stan" again, towards "Norrmalm".

View on the "Royal Palace" from the bridge with the "Gilded Crown on Skeppsholmsbron".

Area around the Vasamuseum. The Vasa museum is a museum with an old ancient viking ship inside.

City "Town" Hall. On Sunday even the sun appeared in a blue sky.

Finishing my visit to Stockholm with a last walk towards Norrmalm Shopping Street and the view from Courthouse Area. Also the Opera house.

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