Portugal - Pasteis de Belém are the best


Sooo. Lisbon. Here I am! The arriving here was a little stressed. No problem until Zurich airport, but once in the plane to madrid, the plane had to wait one hour before for departure! Then in madrid I had to rush like a puma to get the plane to Lisbon, but luckily I got it. Arrived here by 5pm and then went immediately to the main district and roamed the street a bit, where I also had dinner – sword fish and rice.. was really good!

Second day nearly over and walked mile after mile again. Wanted to keep walking this time to an absolute minimum, but curiosity and interesting views after each other forced me magically to fail badly :)
Got up not too early. Especially after I had a bad sleep. It’s not a bad hotel and I was on the 4th floor, but on the main side and to the street. The window was closed, however that didn’t help and it was as there was no window. Too loud the traffic!! What I did was, i took the mattress from the second bed in the room and pushed it inside the window frame…haha! Simple and it helped and the isolation was perfect!
Driving with the hopOn hopOff bus is nice, but even cold in Lisbon when its december.

The huge church close to the port of Lisbon. The church Mosteiro dos Jerónimos.

Lisbon Old Town in the background.

This construction was a massive changer about expectations of Lisbon. Never did I expect such a nice and huge monument as it is with the "Monument of the Discoveries".

Torre de Belém

Steak with rice with frice with egg and ketchup. I like it :)

Pasteis de Belém. Everybody wants them, these small cakes made of simple ingredients like sugar, egg and butter. A big queue was waiting for getting inside the original bakery and buy some of those cookies.

This is how I looks like when finally inside. Still some left for me in the background.

However, it was too noisy and crowed to enjoy it eating here. And instead I took them out.

Pasteis de Belém with coffee. Perfect afternoon!


Another day which required lots of power resources for walking :)…! However, on the other side this is actually the reason why im here. To see the city! At least I did use the hop on hop off bus for several hours and not walk that distances..haha! It was again very nice and the weather was pure sun, but with a strong cold wind! Compared to yesterday I walked much less at least. After having my afternoon coffee and the necessary daily portion of Pasteis de Belém, I went back to the hotel for having a hot bath and go for dinner afterwards.


Sitting now in the airport lisbon and drinking a cappuccino before the flight goes back home. Today I did the last few attractions and one of them was some kind of elevator (Elevador de Santa Justa), which was build some hundred year ago or so and it is the way of transport to get to the higher plateau up the hill. On the top of the elevator is a viewpoint.



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