Ecuador & Galapagos

The last 24 hours have been very exhausting as I didn’t find a proper sleep due to airport stress and annoyances. Arrived in Bogota at 2am and on 5am the flight was supposed to continue to Ecuador but as there have been mechanical problems with the plane, it was canceled and I got another flight which was via panama…! Yes. I had to fly from bogota to panama and then from there to Ecuador. Aaaarghh!!¨!! ¨! However, now since a few hours i arrived in Ecuador, but the problems continued.
The bus ride took over an hour from the airport to Quito hotel and when arrived, they told me that the hotel was full even as I have reservation!!! :( ! However they put me in the neighbor hotel and its at least quiet and clean.

Now im going to stay in Quito until Sunday. Tomorrow I will roam around the historical center.

Roaming around Quito was nice. Didn’t stress at all and just followed from corner to corner without having a goal, but with priority that I do not walk too much and instead make many stops to eat and drink something.. just like a normal tourist! Quito, Bogota and Lima are actually all a bit the same and it all looks similar with similar buildings and the way they build houses along the mountains. Seems like this construction is normal all over South America.
Tomorrow I will leave Quito already in the morning and fly out to the Isla Galapagos. On Monday its getting exciting, cause I will have to go to the boat and meet all the other divers with which I will stay for one week on the Liveaboard.

Arrived in  Galapagos! Long way to here and finally at 2pm I was in the guesthouse. It’s a super cheap guesthouse which I booked over and I am surprised how nice it is. First time I used airbnb. I like it, cause the room is privately owned and not like a hostel or guesthouse. Here I have a huge room with own kitchen, which I do not use but, however :). Also have aircon, unusual free water, nice bathroom and nice bed. But yes, ill only stay one night here and tomorrow ill checkin on the Liveaboard. Due to my eye laser operation last january, im really excited to dive for first time ever without eye lenses!!

So far I have only seen the Galapagos harbour, but even in that small area, i already saw something which I have never seen before in reality. Sealions!! :D! In huge amounts and only an arm length away and they live at the beach in their natural habitat… so cool! There are hundreds of little ones and big ones and its so funny to watch them. I could spend hours watching them playing, fighting, swimming and sleeping..! Also the sounds they make… hilarious :D! 
The climate changes here is also fatal. In Quito it was super cold like in Europe, and now here on the Galapagos, it’s the same as in the tropics. Very humid and hot!!

Im back to the wifi world…:D! Now back from Galapagos Islands and back to Quito, where im flying out tomorrow back to Bogota. But not directly I will make a planned detour over Panama and have a stopover for 10 hours there!
Galapagos… oh wow, this was such a wonderful week of excellent diving. It was amazing and I saw so many cool scenes underwater that I couldn’t imagine. Summarized there was clear water, schools of hammerhead sharks, schools of manta rays, eagle rays, soo many turtles and the coolest among all underwater animals was the sea lion and the seals. Oh yes, this was a wonderful week.
The boat itself (Humboldt Explorer) was fully occupied but the divers on it were all super Ok and all very friendly and it was so interesting as that there were so many different ages and nationalities. The week was so filled and I never got bored having no wifi or tv or anything. I was even busy all the week and felt more stressed this week as there was so much diving and to exchange with other. Also we made landvisits to the remote Galapagos islands and so it was great to see a bit of what Glapagos has to offer above the water. But mainly, we stayed on a 24 hour boat ride from the main island and on a place where our dive boat was the only one diving and no other people on land or on water for hundreds of kilometer :)

Just feel super tired now and was glad to have a not-on-the-boat-shower before. Also im glad to have my own room again and not to share it with some other person like on the dive boat…haha!

Tomorrow I have to get up at 5am again. Panama and the Panama canal is waiting :D After that I will arrive in Bogota Colombia around before midnight tomorrow and just hope to get fast to the hotel.

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