Ireland - Escaping the cold with irish whiskey

Arrived in Dublin around 11.30pm this friday evening and not looking much left not much right, but only wanted to get a shower and sleep... damn.. sounds like an old grandfather…haha!! Nah, I was not in the mood to explore anything and also it was cold and windy!

Today I went for breakfast into MCD and then jumped on the hoponhopoff bus, where I probably sat for an hour and just watched outside the window into the windy february saturday! Then I went off and roamed around in the normal sven-exploration-mode. Thankfully it was sunny and blue sky, but even with that it was so super cold and freezing windy! In the afternoon I had to go to a restroom and pour warm water over my hands for about 5-10 minutes…haha.. true!
This is how the time went over, roaming around, making a few pics. But compared to other capitals, here are just a few impressive things. However, its nice to walk along the streets full of pubs and shops and see the typical irish buildings with its big advertisements of beers and pubs :)

The Spire, the monument of Dublin is 120 high.

The famous Temple Bar in in famous Temple Bar district.

Samuel Beckett bridge

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  1. Impressive distinguished travels; fair play to you Sven.
    Unfortunately, the English translation is poor, which makes these excellent adventures unreadable at times.