Croatia - How many days in Zagreb?

Besid the old town of Zagreb

For some reason, I had in mind that Zagreb is one bigger and busy city, but during the first steps in this city I knew I was wrong :) So it's not that big at all and has limited amounts of attractions and stuff to see.

A normal weekend in the month of July. July’s are normally difficult to find a flight for a fair low price. Can’t say that I have been lucky to find a bargain but I didn’t want to let pass by these summer months and not using at least one of the weekends for a visit to a new country.

With all my little knowledge about Zagreb before going there, my biggest question was:

How many days should I spend in Zagreb? 

Thanks to the limited amount of flights I ended up having almost 48 hours in this small capital and left on early Sunday morning. So this is basically a hike through a city without knowing what to do, where exactly to walk or look at and what to expect out of it.

I know, Croatia is nice along the cost with all those beach resorts, but Zagreb itself isn’t really a pearl. Or did I see the wrong parts of Zagreb? I like the church with the painted Croatia flag on the roof and I like the big cathedral overlooking Zagreb. Next time however I will visit some area along the beach to have another image of Croatia :)

Map of Zagreb.
Attractions and things to see for 1 day in Zagreb

Friday, July 8 – Arriving in Zagreb

I arrived this morning in Zagreb Airport and the public bus delivered me to the central bus station, which is outside of the city center in Zagreb. From there to the hotel for checking in and then… start walking around.

The train station was the first thing I saw that was worth to take a look :)
Glavni Kolodvor
Leaving the Zagreb Central Station

The most central place in Zagreb around "BAN JELAČIĆ" with many small restaurants are around.
The most central point in Zagreb, behind this is the old town
Tram drives through BAN JELAČIĆ

A Zagreb in miniature.
Small Zagreb on one plate

Saturday, July 9 – One full day

Yesterday I've been walking in the town for quite a distance but I can't say I was blown away by the number of attractions or uniqueness. That’s why I was motivated and eager to find out more about what Zagreb has to offer. There have been some that made me rethink my final judgment about this city.

Other capitals have bears, lions or elephants as their “animal” – Zagreb got dragons. The city is full of reptiles and medieval stuff like statues with snakes and dragons. And there is ship container load of museums in Zagreb, they are covered all over in Zagreb. I’m not a museum type of visitor and so I left them on the left.

The Old Town of Zagreb is small and not a real old town with much old cool architecture.
Many restaurants and bar
Around the old townFrom old town to the BAN JELAČIĆ

A funicular with only 66 meters long. It’s the shortest funicular system in the world.
66 meter in length
Not the best but okTypical houses in croatiaOne of the entrances to the old town

A car with Zagreb numbers plate in front of the Saint Mark Church.
Zagreb Church with the paintings
Inside one of the churchesMe with Zagreb flag in front of the St Mark Church

Some graffiti and other paintings
Drawings within Zagreb
Make the city a bit brighterA bit outside of the centerWith cool snail graffiti

The Zagreb Cathedral
The one and only
and beside the city center at BAN JELAČIĆHoly Mary Monument beside the cathedralBusy on weekends

The central Ledeni park of Zagreb. On Saturday there was a concert taking place.
Stands at the Ledeni Park

The Croatian National Theatre and around this.
A few hundred meters from the city center
At least inside the city centerAnd its buildings around

I wasn’t finished yet. I was hoping that I missed something that absolutely impresses me and that I only was on the corner inside Zagreb. So my last chance and attempt to see “the monument from hell” was. Taking a ride with the tram to a little bit outside of city center in some normal living area with apartment blocks. Who knows, maybe behind one of these Zagrebian apartment blocks there lies the travelers gold bucket to make a photo of. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case, but I enjoyed the ride anyway.
Two minutes outside of the city center of Zagreb

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