Ukraine - A green roof needed? Kiev has them!

After one day Kiev, I already feel that a bit more than two full days is not enough to visit this place. The sights sometimes are very far from each other and as i forgot the teleporter at home, walking was the only option :)

April 14 - Two days in Kiev is time to hurry up.

Arrived in Kiev by flying from Moldova.

April 15 - Walking like a pro in Kiev

Walking around Kiev today and it was nice. Many people everywhere as it is easter weekend, but its not like Disneyland where people had to wait in a queue before getting entry to a sight :D. Using my google maps saved places, I found the sights I wanted to visit very easy. Walking in Kiev is like walking between huge grey concrete buildings without end in sight, and then after the next corner getting overhelmed by a oversized comic castle (churches) with golden or green roofs and which stands on a hill... haha.. very impressive!
It obviously was eastern weekend.

View towards Saint Michaels Cathedral.

In front of Saint Sophia's Cathedral.

After all those green and golden roof castles, there is still no end in sight. So many buildings and impressions which are completely different than from western europe.

The Founders of Kyiv Monument

Along Khreschatyk Street.

April 16 - This motherland statue is crazy 

Had to get up early to cope with another part of Kievs astonishing architecture that is splattered all over town. One of my favorite sight was that 60 meters tall "Motherland" statue with sword and shield in the hand, and in front of it all the tanks and other WWII statues that symbolize the defeat of Nazi.
The Motherland Monument

Along the way there are all these other cool buildings and monuments, each very unique and great to make pictures of :)

Having lunch in a restaurant that I would say was typical Russian/Ukrainian/Soviet?! No idea, but the music, interior and the dumplings i had, told me so.

I already had overflow of watching at cool things, but this place is very addictive and those buildings and monuments are pulling, whispering from the next corner "continue walking, heres another green roof castle with shields and swords, come check it out"..haha.

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