Australia - 15'000km Road Trip

Some time ago I decided to go for a longer visit to Australia and its surrounding countries for sightseeing and scuba diving. I left to Australia with an Open Return ticket, knowing that it might take 8-9 months complete this trip. 

A long way...

The whole trip was around 15'000 kilometers of self-driving, started in September 2012 and finished in May 2013.

Around and in and out Australia

Mitsubishi Pajero 15'000 Kilometer
Mitsubishi Pajero
The journey started in Melbourne, from where I flew to Perth in Western Australia. Bought a 4x4 car in Perth and put all necessary equipment in it to have a self-catering mobile apartment with mattress, BBQ, shower and lots of stuff :). Left Australia several times to visit countries nearby and always was lucky to leave the car somewhere safe and pick it up on return to Australia.

So in general the route was following:

Indicates the route around Australia with things to see in each place.
Route around Australia

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