Finland - Ready to board the ferry in Helsinki

Sitting now in the Zurich airport and wait for the plane to land so that I can take off to Helsinki. Luckily the delay is only 20 minutes, so far. With that widely and since days announced strike, I definitely expected it to be hours, so it seems the Finland people are friendly strikers…haha!

I still don’t know how ill get to Tallinn tomorrow, because I was hesitating with booking a ferry trip due to possible cancelations because of weather or the post reasons of the strike. But the plan in Helsinki and Tallinn is to get a look on the city .. there is not much time left for anything else, especially as the transfer from Finland to Estonia over the sea, takes some hours as well.

??! That was the most ridiculous strikes Ive ever seen :D I arrived probably earlier in the hotel than I would have when there was no strike, cause due to the strike there was no slow busses or trams on the road and therefore it all went smooth without traffic jams! The only problem was the wind, there is a storm going on in finnland and the ferry to Tallinn I wanted to book was canceled. Thankfully I didn’t book in advance!!

So right now im sitting in another ferry and wait for departure. Also I have never been on such a nice ferry like this here. There is even lifemusic entertainement, while Im having some cinnamon cake and coffee :) Am excited now about Tallinn!

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