Macedonia - Japanese Warlord Flags And Lions

Drove directly from Pristina and thankfully there was no hassle or difficult roads. Until, I arrived in Skopje city center where also my hotel was located :-/ . As Im not used to the driving conditions and “rules” of Macedonia, I was a little worried if I will make it out of this mess without any scratch on the car. The hotel car park was luckily right at the main main road, this helped me to find the hotel and finding an easy to use parking lot in that nice open area, but it didn’t make very easy to not worry about the during the night..haha!

From Pristina to Skopje it goes smooth.

Macedonia has an interesting flag, its a nice one, but out of a simple tourists point of view it does not perfectly fit to a Balkan country, however, maybe it does...haha! Except of the colors, the flag is nearly identically to the flag which was used by Japanese warlords in the past. On several occasions througout the country and Skopje I noticed lion statues. The flag together with the lion statues, which are globally used as symbol of power and strenght against enemies, the country maybe likes pretending something?!

Flag of Macedonia

Rising Sun flag, used by Japanese warlords

Right after breakfast I started walking through Skopje and it surprised me with the huge monuments, the old town, the old wooden ship and lion statues. The weather was perfect and I was prepared well with my google maps saved places, to find the most main sights someone has to see when being there for a quick visit. Also this place wasn’t meant for me to explore in detail, but I didn’t have the urge for it anyway. Its nice, its clean but im OK with the fact that I didn’t plan to stay more than those two/three days in summary and instead could prepare myself continue driving towards Tirana, Albania.

Entrance gate to the Old town of Skopje.

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