Norway - Oslo with electromusic and RedBull

Seems like i had one of the better weekends for having an Oslo trip, cause both days there was just bare sunny weather and not cold at all. I even wished I had brought short trousers with me.

Arrived friday evening, went to hotel and then just took a short stroll to see what is going on and there were lots of people walking around and sitting outside in their restaurants. There are nice streets with restaurants for hundreds of meters.

Saturday morning and the real “visiting” started..:)! Thankfully the hotel had free bikes and so I had a very long bike tour through Oslo and visited most of the main attractions. What I found out during these two days was, that people here are much bigger!!! Seriously, I felt like a kid among all those people and once I saw some people which were smaller I had the feeling of “hah, youre smaller than me”..haha!!

The electonic Music Festival in the harbour of Oslo provided awesome sound.

Today Sunday there was another lucky strike to be in Oslo, as there was the “red bull flight day” which was also in the harbor. It was a contest where attendees built their own little funny creative planes without motor and jumped from a platform into the harbor water. The one who gets furthest wins :) Many thousand people watching and it was funny visiting there.


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