Czech Republic - Prague, the flagship old-town

Had probably seen the most important things and after so much walking my legs and feet hurt now .. what a success :)!! Everything went smooth the whole time, the weather played on my side and I basically cant complain about anything.

Sitting now in the airport for flying back home. This morning I thought I have plenty of time when I stood up at 9am and went to breakfast and then I realized that I maybe should hurry up now a bit, cause there is the airport bus which is only driving every 30 minutes. And then I found out that I really need to hurry up now, cause I have only a few minutes left to run to the bus station to catch it, or else when I would take the next one, I would risk to miss the flight. So I run.. :)... but it didn’t work and I guess I missed it by 2 or 3 minutes. The only way now to not risk missing the plane was the 10 times more expensive taxi….:-/

When seeing this character up there first, I didnt recognize the umbrella and thought its a hanging in gallows.

Had here BBQ for dinner on this cold january evening. 

They contain a lot of sugar but are good.

The dancing house totally irritates when making photos.

Walking across the Legions Bridge over the Moldau River.

After crossing the Moldau River.

Walking towards the Prague Castle.

The Prague Castle is up on a hill.

On the way up were lots of snacks and tea to try from.

Soon up on the hill. View from half way up.

Walked a bit too far and have to walk down again towards the castle.

On the left is the entrance to the Prague Castle.

After entering the Castle, this huge church "Veitsdom" stands there, which is visible from half of Prague.

No chance to get one person and the castle on a photo completely.

Last view from up there before climbing down again.

Photo from the bridge, towards the Castle up on the hill.

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