Swaziland - The giraffe and the poor country

Somehow funny, how the whole country looks like a farmer land with poor people and then suddenly out of nowhere appears a tiny town with a modern shopping mall equipped with KFC, pizza, to huge supermarkets, cinema and and and. So this dinner was KFC :)!

April 29 - South Africa to Swaziland

Now I'm in Swaziland!! Feels like being in a time machine, it feels so unrealistic. From South Africa to Mozambique to South Africa to Lesotho to South Africa to Swaziland. Coming from Durban in South Africa, the ride today was another 600km and I arrived in the hotel around 5pm.

Long ride from Durban towards near the capital of Swaziland Mbabane.

Right after crossing the border from South Africa into Swaziland, suddenly a giraffe stood beside a lonely road :D It was eating from a tree and stood just two meters beside the road and I never saw a wild giraffe!!! When I talked to some people in the hotel about it, they told me that it must have broken through a fence from a national park. I just thought, when a giraffe is suddenly somewhere visible beside a street, what if I'm having a car breakdown somewhere and suddenly a lion shows up:)?

Wild giraffe right beside a road after crossing into Swaziland.

April 30 - Mbabane the capital of eSwatini

After staying overnight outside of Mbabane, I drove today morning through Mbabane and had lunch there, before I continued driving through the north with is mountain areas, the Piggs Peak, and its nice scenery. Exited the country in the afternoon at Jepes Reef, to get back into South Africa.

Driving up the mountains next to Mbabane, the road towards South Africa

Piggs Peak

Exit the country at Jeppes Reef. No problems at all.

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