Belize - Diving in the legendary Blue Hole

The last week of this central america trip I spent on the dive boat. We were allowed to do up to 5 dives per day and thats a lot but not too much when diving in the carribean.

The overland trip from Belize is here: Belize above water

2.4.2016  - Boarding the dive boat in Belmopan
After three weeks of travelling through central america it was finally time to dive and today it will start :) Going on a liveaboard, the Belize Aggressor III and in a few hours it will depart towards Turneffe Atoll, the lighthouse reef and the famous blue hole. Never dived in the carribean waters and so wondering what it has to offer, especially as I wasnt able to dive in Placencia with the whale sharks a few days ago.

With up to five dives per day, I think I dont use the jacuzzi :)

Eating area

Visibility is great in carribean waters.

Deck to dress up with diving gear. Thankfully enough space for each diver.

These are some kind of worms in the floor. When getting closer, they start hiding.

An octopus. It has many of them in Belize waters. The way they change colors within seconds is incredible.

It starts changing color and a second later its getting green.

Blue was probably a bad color. Better changing back to orange :)

Diving in the blue hole
Diving down to 40 meters.

Visit to some small Islands
After the dive in the blue hole, we went for a land visit to a small island.

Continue diving

Leatherback sea turtle. These turtles are huge, much bigger than normal sea turtles and in addition, this one was an extra large and old example. The photo was taken about 15 meters away.

The last dive. 24 dives in a week.

The overland trip from Belize is here: Belize above water

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