Albania - Where did they steal the pyramid?

Another 300km drive, this time from Skopje to Tirana, and again glad having arrived without any incident, which Id like to mention at this point as Albania car drivers are notorious for being bandits on the road :D. I was behind schedule and could not spend as much time today as I planned on exploring Tirana city, but I still had enough to see the main sights.

March 19 - From Macedonia to Tirana

Among those sights was this strange pyramid in the middle of the center and I somehow liked it, cause it looked so strange and unusual..haha. People were using this as a playground for climbing up and sliding down and I somehow wanted to try that too, but a little too afraid at the end. Couldn't risk climbing up there, slipping and then falling all the way down so an excuse,  "I just didn't have enough time for such complications".

A further cool building was this Skytower, as it was totally free to get to the top where a restaurant is located. And that restaurant is not just a restaurant, it's a restaurant that rotates. Yes, it rotates :)!! sitting at a table with a coffee, glimpse out of the window and have the view all over Tirana in a slowly rotating panoramic restaurant is just a great option to waste time :D

Driving towards Tirana.

Entering Tirana. This is my last destination on this Balkan trip and after Albania, I will depart tomorrow early morning back to Podgorica airport, drop off the car with hopefully no scratches and fly back home.

The pyramid of Tirana. It once was a museum but is now closed and used as a playground.

Military bunker from any of the wars Albania was in.

This is the Skytower restaurant. It rotates high above the city.

View from the Skytower restaurant.

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  1. The pyramid was the monument to the deceased Enver Hoxha dictator!!! And then used a radio station. And now it is like a playground type place.

    Cool blog, but I wish you got more information correct.