Mexico - Prepared for (american) tourists

Mexico was the entry and exit point for this four week vacation, in which I continued to other central america places. In Mexico itself I only spent my time in Quintana Roo area and that means Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Valladolid.

13.3.2016 - Cancun
After arriving in Cancun yesterday, I only have little time to explore Cancun itself. But Im also not really fascinated about this place. It simply is too croweded and its loud among all those beach resorts. From the airport I rented a car and my plan is to drive through Tulum, where an ancient building stands and Chichen Itza, this famous Mexican pryamid.

Ocean is still 30 minutes away from here. This is downtown Cancun.

Cancun at the beach area itself is covered with souvenir shops everywhere. It has lots of restaurants and bars everywhere.

The beach is indeed nice and I understand why so many americans (and europeans) are coming here to have vacations.

14.3.2016 - Sailfish diving
The main reason why I wanted to spend time in Cancun was the sailfish snorkeling. Sailfishes are those fishes with the spear-nose and the huge sail on the top of their back. In this time of the year these fishes are coming relatively near to the shore for hunting other fishes and Cancun is the only place on the planet where this is possible to watch it with a little bit of luck.
Had to get up early and after registration we went out with the small boat. The plan was to drive around all day long searching for birds, as birds indicate there are sailfishes under the surface.
To make it short, we found birds, but it wasnt worth to jump into the water cause there was no sailfish around :). In addition I became seasick, heavily, got dehydrated, and was happy when it was over to get back to the hotel for recovering :D.


 Searching for Sailfishes, but first we have to find the birds.

15.3.2017 Playa del Carmen to Tulum to Valladolid
The last two day I was having road trip from Cancun to Playa del Carmen to Tulum to Valladolid.

At the beach of Cancun.

Streets in Playa del Carmen. PDC is also very touristic, same as Cancun. I was here for one day.

Playa del Carmen has, of course, also a huge walking street for tourists. If there wouldnt have been such a brutal heat, I think I could have enjoyed it more :)

Every day around sunset these performers swining around that pole, accompanied with mexican drum sounds.

This was the best sculpture I was able to find in Playa del Carmen, but not sure if it was built only for tourists to make photos of it :)

16.3.2016 - Tulum and Coba with ruins
The next day in the early morning I continued to Tulum. In Tulum is this famous little aztec castle, which stands on the top of the hill, overlooking the ocean. And sure is, that once such a nice ruin is once standing on such a nice place, tourists will not be far away :)

Playa del Carmen to Tulum ruins

Bus loads of tourists from all over the world. Its like disneyland..haha.. and very difficult to make a photo without any other tourist on it.

Continuing from Tulum to Coba, where the some other big ruins are.

I didnt go up there, simply because I didnt see any sense in it in this brutal heat :D

Coba ruins to Valladolid. Valladolid is the next bigger city and a convenient place before Chichen Itza.


The cathedral of San Gervasio

Thats how I imagine a typical mexican bar, with typical mexican entrance door, for typical mexican locals :)

17.3.2016 Chichen Itza
This morning I continued from Valladolid to famous Chichen Itza, the heart of the aztecs. Only having time until around lunch time to visit there, cause afterwards I needed to drive back all the way to Cancun. In the evening my flight departs towards Guatemala.
Valladolid to Chichen Itza

In this hole the sacrified people got dumped.

They probably had to stand on this plattform, from there they were thrown into the water.

This is a ancient basketball field. The loser or winners were killed.

Players had to throw the ball into the ring up on the wall.

The victims "printed" in stone.

Chichen Itza to Cancun, something around 2.5 hours.

Arriving back in Quintana Roo. Cancun isnt that far anymore.

As soon police shows up in short intervalls, Cancun is very close :)

Back in Cancun and read for departure to Guatemala.

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