Bulgaria - The building looks like cake

The definite highlight of Sofia was definately the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral which stands there like a big piece of cake. Pictures were easy and no matter from which angel the photo was made the big cake always looks amazing :)

Came here on friday evening and left on sunday morning. Sofia city center is easy to get around and small, so had not to worry about taxis or trams and I like that:). One big walking street with lots of restaurants and shops on both sides. And at the end of it a huge park with many people, pets, skateboards. Basically I spent time walking those streets and its side streets, but due to the compact size of Sofia, I also ended up lot of time drinking coffee.

National Culture Palace

Asked different people about this mysterious building and what its supposed to be, but no one knews the purpose.

People came with small cars and big trucks, both hand full with empty bottles to fill them up with free water :)

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