Colombia - Can i have coca tea please?

Arrived well in Bogota. But am super tired now. Here its only 9pm but back home its 4am. So im up now for nearly 23 hours. Flights were long. Although from Zurich to Amsterdam only 1h30, but there sat a guy beside me which smelled as he didnt shower for weeks !! Ugh.. disgusting, and no escape possibility! When sitting in that plane beside him, I was thinking “hopefully doesn’t he have the connection flight to Bogota afterwards and will not sit beside me”…haha!! However, I was even close to ask him if he can please go to the toilet and wash himself.

Day two started at 5am when I woke up after going to sleep at 9pm the evening before. Was at breakfast at 6am but there wasn’t any breakfast ready yet. The cook just arrived and as friendly he was, prepared some extra breakfast! For tomorrow I know that it starts at 7am! The whole day ended up catching myself roaming around in one part of huge Bogota. This place is really huge and I just covered a little part! But the cool thing was that on every Sunday, they close some main roads for cars and at that time bicycles and runners and everybody without a moto was allowed to go there. So many people were on the street doing sports… amazing :D
Also got my first sunburn. Bogota is above 2600 meters and its not really warm or hot, but the sun is strong anyway and I didn’t notice that… damn, day 2, first sunburn.

Went to the city center and roamed around there for hours. The transport takes long time and its difficult to find the places, I want to see, cause there are no proper maps around and also I cannot talk with 99% of the people and ask them, cause they speak spanish! :D Tomorrow I will go to mount Monserrate and also will I rent a bike for a day and ride through bogota.

Today I went visiting mount Monseratte and my sunburn on my top of the head didn’t lessen due to that…. Grrrr! Feel sick now a bit. Also the height up there on that monserrate was above 3000 meters. I really felt how heavy it was to breath. But it was nice!! Had a coca tea which was made of cocaine leafs and is totally legal! There are the coca leafs which contain the basic for cocaine, but in a coca tea there is such a small amount of the drug, so that you have to drink about 100 liter of tea to get be drugged! But I felt a little uncomfortable when I asked for ordering a tea in the shop, cause I felt like the think I wanna buy the drug..haha!!
Also I rented a bike and drove a bit randomly through Bogota. Tomorrow I will depart to Lima, Peru.

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