Romania - Where have all the stray dogs gone?

Walking day in Bucharest is soon over. Have walked again miles and miles and km and km :D!! I expected it much worse or not so clean and ordinary and everything. Also i expected lots of stray dogs as Romania is the country with the most stray dogs in Europe. But it seems like it has become myth, cause i didnt see any of them. Wonder what all happened to them... or i better should not wonder about it.

So Bucharest is actually really nice as far as I have seen. They have cool buildings, huge buildings, great to make pictures of...hehe! Especially the Bucharest palast. The biggest parliament building Ive ever seen.. crazy!! And the temperature is as expected, serious cold, minus 14 degrees plus wind. Had to wear two jackets, two pairs of gloves, and extra socks :)! Only the face was not protected enough and it feels like frozen and now being unfrozen ..haha!

View from the bedroom window out into the ice cold  -17 degrees morning:)

The weather went even worse here Bucharest. The temperature was somewhat like -17 degrees (plus wind) on this Sunday morning. I wasn’t really in the mood to get out of the comfy bed there and just opened the window and jumped back into the warm bed and stayed like that for a while before I went closing the window super fast and rushed under the hot shower..hehe. The Sunday wasn’t anything special. I just did all very relaxed, had the breakfast went a bit walking to some places I haven’t been and then having some lunch and back towards back home.
Summarized I can say that it was an OK trip. Of course the weather will stay memorized and the huge parliament building.

The Bucharest Parliament Palast is huge.

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