San Marino - They are ready for a war

They have a lot of Air Soft guns there, but thats definately not the reason why I came here for. However, it surprised me even more when I found weapon shops "en masse" up there on the San Marino Mountain, feels like they are preparing for a war or have been in one recently :)

The ride yesterday took me seven hours due to huge traffic jams between Switzerland and around Italian border. Was super relieved when I arrived in the hotel in Rimini. Even the hotel was noisy and the walls paper thin, I was able to sleep immediately. Just in the morning at 6am the cleaners did a good job to wake me up due to the noise….grrr

Was in San Marino this morning until afternoon and it was probably the worst weather I could have had. It was raining sideward due to the strong wind and also the visibility was worst. Basically said, I didn’t really see much of what San Marino is famous for. The stone walled city up there on the mountain top was so cloudy, I only saw about 50 meteres, but to see the real San Marino towers or the valley, its necessary to see at least 200 meters or so and therefore the photos were all just grey!
Border crossing from Italy to San Marino

But it was nice to stroll around the narrow streets up and down in the small town and have lunch and coffee and I was fascinated how many “airsoft” gun shops San Marino has. Every 5th shop was a weapon shop with those airsoft guns and also up to normal guns and real samurai swords. Also military equipment from a-z… no idea why San Marino people are so weapon focused..:)!

San Marino police car

On the way back to Italy I noticed that there are so many offroad rally cars and then I found out that there is the annual san marino mountain race with sports cars. The route is through side streets San Marino and up towards the mountain… of course I took a look on it as well :)

Official Flag

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  1. with my wife, we visited this Micro state San Marino May 2019, I have to say we like it very much, fortunately, the weather is superb, warm and sunny