Israel - When shabbat speaks, its silent

My route for this january weekend was flying to Tel Aviv, transfer to and visit Jerusalem, visit Palestine, back to Tel Aviv and have a visit and then and back home.

26.1.2017 - Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
Immigration after arriving in Tel Aviv was not that worse as expected, even though, after exiting the plane and walking towards passport control, I was stopped by police and got asked why I am in Israel and what my intentions are :)
Immediately transfered from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, where I will stay until saturday morning and then back to Tel Aviv.

Dont remember the name of the castle, but it was close to the ultra orthodox  jewish area, where i wanted to visit first.

Arrived in the orthodox jewish area. They were all preparing already for their "weekend" called Shabbat and this starts on friday afternoon when the sun goes down. 

Felt like I was on some kind of carnival and was hesitating with making pictures. They dont really like being photographed and also tell this directly.

I could not figure out if some of them were wearing fake hair and beards.

Due to that poster on the top of the house, I guess tourists were walking here in large groups and making photos of the people as if they were some kind of zoo.

The man on the left spotted me making photos and even shouted from far away and everybody was looking at me. I didnt understand what he said, but stopped until he was too far away to hear :)

Found out that the way jews are placing books has some specific order and one is, that books have to always resting facing up.

It was busy in every book store. Probably because there is not much else allowed on Shabbat, except reading ? :)

In these "clothes" stores everybody should find a perfectly fitting hat (Kippah).

As I found out, orthodox jews do not use internet and if, only some specific jewish sites.

The Jerusalem Night market.

This is Yafo Street, the walking street with a tram line that drives near to the Old town.
Inside the old town. The Tower of David.

No, its not evening. The dark weather is a strong storm that even broke my umbrella.

This is inside the Jerusalem Old Town. Here are all the main attractions and sights of Jerusalem.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Inside Jesus is burried. When making the photo i didnt know that, so didnt go inside:). But went back there in the evening.

Inside the walls on the left is the Old town.

View towards Western Wall and the Temple Mount.
Temple Mount on the left with the golden roof. Western Wall on the right.

The Western Wall.
Jews are praying towards the wall. They rock back and forth :)

Israel army

View from the top of the old town wall.

Dont know the name of this, but it looks nice.
This is the room where Jesus had his famous "Last supper"

In the evening I went back to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the place where Jesus is burried.

On this "stone" Jesus was prepared for his burial.

Nuns are crawling around and praying.

Fascinating roof in this church!

Inside this small chapel is the place where Jesus is burried. Its only about 3-4 square meters, so I had to wait until the chinese tourist was finished praying inside.

Below this stone plate is the coffin of Jesus.

28.1.2017 - Jerusalem to Tel Aviv
This early morning I left Jerusalem and drove with a small shuttle bus (the so called sherut), back to Tel Aviv. Tomorrow my flight will depart from there. I had to share the shuttle with people that probably were refugees, but I didnt mind in that situation as this was the only transportation that drives during Shabbat. Also the driver himself looked like a typical Taliban stereotype and in addition the way he spoke on the phone made me think, that he will kidnapp the all the passengers:). But a few hours later I arrived in Tel Aviv.

The area was a bit quiet for Tel Aviv, the "busy city". But its normal - its Shabbat.

It was getting time to find a restaurant for lunch as I didnt have breakfast. But so far I figured out, all "normal" restaurants and shops are closed during Shabbat.

No open restaurants here

No open restaurants there. No open restaurants anywhere. Shabbat lasts until this late saturday evening, then everything opens again.

View on the Mediterranean Sea.

Everything is closed during Shabbat. I was hungry and could not find any restaurant. I read about Shabbat but didnt expect that it is really like this. Where do tourists eat on Shabbat?

No people around, everything is shut down. For a tourist Shabbat feels like the day before Apocalypse :)

In some side street I finally found an open restaurant and got some very delicious pasta carbonara :)

The Rothschild Avenue. When its not Shabbat, this street is the place to find food. But it is Shabbat today :)

Entering the district south of Tel Aviv. The area called Jaffa, its the old town of modern Tel Aviv.

I bet, if its not Shabbat, this place must be great to sit and drink coffee.

In Jaffa all religions are present.

View from Jaffa towards Tel Aviv.

View towards modern Tel Aviv.

View towards Jaffa.

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