Kosovo - It is new born, they said

Here in Pristina is ending a long session of driving, as I started this afternoon in Podgorica, crossed to Albania then to Kosovo. The road conditions actually all over were much better than I expected and especially after crossing into Kosovo, driving on the newly built road made it a comfortable drive.

This morning I roamed around Pristina. The country, and directly affected its capital Pristina, was in war and its not difficult to spot evidence of that. Best and biggest example probably is the soccer stadium in the center of Pristina, as it is was so heavily destroyed and is now undergoing processes of deconstruction and same time rebuilding. I didn’t have much time to walk very far around Pristina, but due to the people I talked to, they also couldn’t recommend me to walk much further as there is nothing much to see anyway :D. So I didn’t argue with that statement and went looking for the main attractions, the “New Born”-letters and the library, before I then needed to find my way out of Pristina and towards Skopje, Macedonia.

UCK street.

The broken soccer stadium.

The national library with its interesting fence around.

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