Denmark - There is more than just lego

The weekend trip to Copenhagen was special, different than other trips. Unforgetable. Unique, the modern buildings right next to the old town and surrounded by its monuments and castles, plus, of course the Lego shop.

View from the hotel room onto the clock. Hotel was right next to the trainstation, but thankfully that wasnt a noise problem. 

View from hotel room in the early morning.


Copenhagen walking street with all the shops

They have a huge amount of bicycles and it must be difficult to find the right one after a day :)

Historical army museum.

In front of the Castle Rosenborg.

Photo of some random street sign.

Normal people live in these funny houses.

Here its surely not too easy finding the own house when being drunk.

I noticed that each apartment has a white lamp in front of the window.

No chance to get through, every tourist wanted to make a photo with the small mermaid.


Nyhavn is the most famous area of Copenhagen.

The botanical garden.

THE lego shop in Copenhagen.

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