Panama - Watching cruise ship changing ocean

Now at the airport again, but this time in Panama. Arrived on time in the late morning in Panama City and moved with the public bus to the city center to roam around the old town and visiting the Panama Canal.

April 28 - I wanna hurry...hehe!

After a week of diving in the Galapagos, I was still on energy saving and recovery mode, as with 3-4 dives a day for a week is consuming a lot of energy!

To be honest, I didn’t see so too much here in Panama due to lack of time. But what I have seen was the old down with lots of renovation of buildings and construction sites all over the town, whereas which was actually said to be nice, as I read, if there is no large-scale construction going on. Also, it was super hot weather between the concrete buildings of old town Panama City!! But I had a nice meal for lunch, something which was like chicken and rice from a buffet from a downtown market.

In the afternoon, I visited the Panama canal and its corridor infrastructure. I was lucky, cause when I arrived there was a huge cruise ship passing and right afterward a huge transport ship…impressive, both, the ships and the Panama canal. Great!

Not so much that I've done here in one day in Panama, but that was basically my visit to Panama and it ended with relaxing in an airconditioned coffee shop, before heading with the bus back to the airport :D

Sightseeing in Panama City:

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