Peru - I underestimated heights

Now in Lima, Peru, close to the airport in a guesthouse. Its for a stopover so that I can continue tomorrow with the flight from Lima to Cusco. Cusco is the city which is near to Machu Picchu.

The flight today was one of the most pleasant economy flights Ive ever had. Originally I had a seat in one of the last rows and after boarding I asked if there is a free seat in the front. They just allocated me behind the business class and where the emergency exits are. I had three seats for me and was able to stretch my leg, like in a cinema. Feeling much better since this morning and the sunburn has become much less, due to the aloe vera lotion I put on! Too bad I have hair on my head and therefore cannot put the lotion on the scalp ..haha. But by now in the evening its already soon all gone.

Went up early in the Lima guest house, they cooked fried eggs only for me as it seemed I was the only guest in the house this night. They even bargained a low rate for the taxi back to the airport. Very friendly, didn’t expect that after I read the reviews while booking. From then on it continued smoothly, I was one of the first in the checkin and got the seat 1F! But then it started: One delay of my flight was announced after the other. Each time they delayed for another hour and I ended up having a delay of more than six hours!!!! Arrrghhh!!! However, ok, it was the weather but it was annoying to wait for six hours in the airport, whereas the flight was only one hour!!!!

Now im in Cusco. Guesthouse is nice again so far. Cusco is around 3500 meters above sealevel and I feel it. Its like I cant think clearly and I feel that restaurants and tourist information and booking stores make advantage of it, they want to sell silly stuff…haha!! But I didn’t expect Cusco to be SUCH a touristic city. Tomorrow I will depart for a 2 hour bus ride and therefore one station and step closer to Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu, check :D Was up there today and it was really cool to see it in real. Didn’t expect it to be such a nice and big place and I even expected much more people up there, even from time to time it looked like on a festival anyway :D.
Had to get up at 5am, the weather was a complete crap and it rained the whole morning while I was up there, but I think I have some pics that went ok and maybe its even better when its cloudy and rainy instead of a sunny weather, cause it brings some mystic in the place. This morning I guess I was never so proud and happy of having an umbrella with me and not getting wet a bit. Most of all the people had such plastic bags on them, but after a while you get wet in those anyway and also you cannot make pictures, nor getting photographed in it…hehe!
The trip to MP itself is brutal time consuming. Its not just done with a “now I go to Machu Picchu and be back in a second”. It take lots of time to get there and one example among it was the horror delay in the airport.

Yesterday I went with the bus and a taxi to the first city Ollantaytambo and on the way there I visited different sightseeing places already. Then yesterday evening I had the trainride to machu picchu town and today morning the way up to the machu itself. Spent the whole morning there and in the afternoon back with the train to Ollantaytambo, where I am now. It’s a little bit boring place with a small town center and which is like a tennis court..haha!
Tomorrow im going back to Cusco, via the famous Sunday market in Pisaq. In Cusco I will stay for 1.5 days and explore the city a bit, as it’s a nice place as far as I seen so far.

Now back again in Cusco and brought some little sickness from Machu Pichu. Probably ate something wrong yesterday for dinner as in the night I suddendly had to run to the toilet. All morning long I had also such cramps in stomach area and had to rush to toilet from time to time. Thankfully i didn’t need to go on toilet during the two hours busride back to Cusco. By now I already feel a bit better, but instead the stomach problems, the altitude sickness strikes a bit..hehe.

Lucky me that the end bus station was just a few meters from the hotel and so right after arriving in Cusco I went to the hotel to take a nap and cure for myself. At the reception they offered me coca tea again for free as much as I wanted and I didn’t say no ..:)! Had about 4 cups of it and unbelievable, but the stomach problems have relieved much more now :D

Am now in the Lima airport and have just 10 minutes internet connection. Traveled extra early to the aiport so that i have enough time to surf a bit and no hassle with traffic and migration office and so on and now i have to think about how to waste time...arrgh..!!! The flight goes to Colombia and then from there to Ecuador.

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