UAE - Impressive Dubai? Yes!

Impressive Marina in Dubai

The flight from Iraq was a little bumpy on departure due to bad weather with storms, but landed on time in Dubai. At the current time during Corona, the UAE (Dubai being one city) is one of the few countries that have relatively relaxed entry requirements. 

Most of the people I know who have visited Dubai, all have spent solely very few days in Dubai or the UAE as a whole and their opinions were either very enthusiastic or totally disappointing. 

Yes, Dubai is only a desert city and does not have much more than it's towers. Surely it's overrated and boring. At least that's what I thought before coming here. 

However, I was curious about what I'm going to see. Certainly, it would come up with completely new impressions, compared to all other cities in the world. Dubai seemed to be something special!

Day 1 - Arriving in Dubai

The visa, a simple stamp, was free of charge and was stamped upon arrival by a comfortable sitting Arab in a white robe with a black ring on his head.

Covid tests were performed on everyone immediately upon arrival after passport control. The whole pack of people was funneled right into the testing booths. It was pure mass processing but very efficient and very orderly. After only a few minutes of waiting, the test took place. A cell phone number was required with the indication that 4-6 hours later the result will be available on the internet. The address is even stuck on the passport with a QR code sticker (for the very stupid).

For 15 euros we went by Uber to the hotel in nearby Deira, 15 minutes drive, in the morning at 2 o'clock.

Day 2 - From North to South with the metro

The test result was actually already there when I woke. Full PDF with all the necessary info. Very comfortable.

From the rather northern district of Deira, all tourist attractions are actually spread over 30 kilometers to the south.

To get from one attraction to another walking was therefore not an option. The only relatively cheap means of transportation is the metro, which was easy and worked fine.

Nicest metro in Dubai

Gold Souk - not so spectacular

No idea who buys gold here in Dubai on the Gold Souk.

The many gold stores in this district sell all kinds of jewelry, watches and other things that shine. But I wonder who the heck is buying here?

Even though they all seem clean and well-kept, I probably wouldn't buy gold from a single soul in these alleys. It smelled here only so after overpriced or even counterfeited goods. But that was only my impression, should not be a reproach to any gold sellers.

Not worth visiting  (Gold Souk)

Along the Dubai Creek

It was 10 in the morning and already quite hot, although it is winter now. Along the creek, it has lots of these old boats for transport across the river.

Creek Dubai. Viewpoint for photos

Burjuman with the picture frame

This corner is a big transshipment point where the different metros come together.

Clean streets in Dubai

Dubai Frame - no idea what this is for

A bit further south is the gigantic picture frame "The Dubai Frame". No idea what this thing was built for and I didn't really care. But it was interesting to look at it. 

150 meters high and visitors could even go up to the viewpoint.

But of course, only for a hefty entrance fee which was too much for me due to time constraints. Yes, I underestimated the time for the transport from one sight to another a little bit and realized that my time in Dubai is running quite fast. Therefore I had to go on.

Purpose of the Frame in Dubai

Walk around Burj Khalifa & Marina Mall 

There is no more direct or faster way than by metro. This was constantly overcrowded. 

At least all people wore masks, but the Covid risk of infection was probably extremely high here.

To visit the tallest building in the world (at least in 2022), you have to get off at the Dubai Mall. From there it goes first felt hundreds of meters through tunnels in the direction of Dubai Mall.

Purpose of the large Marina Mall

I did not know yet that there is a faster way to the Burj Khalifa, where I wasn't required to run through the whole damn Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall is huge and it takes a lot of time to walk through. 

Eventually, I made it out and there was the tower - the Khalifa tower. Really imposing and also the surrounding buildings and other artifacts. Really impressive!

I didn't go up, the queue to one of the top floors was too long for me.

Khalifa Tower. High resolution impressive Building.

Day 3 - South of Dubai, the spectacular districts

Early again to the metro for the ride south to Jumeirah Beach. From there is a good view of the Burj Al Arab.

The metro ride there takes about 40 minutes and passes all of Dubai's biggest skyscrapers.

The egg in dubai

Jumeirah Beach & Burj Al Arab

The beach is not next to the metro station and walking takes a long time. But it is easily accessible by bus number 12.

Al Arab Burji Tower

With Uber further in the direction of Marina Walk. This is the name of the area in the middle of the skyscrapers.

Just 30 years ago Dubai had a single skyscraper, now there are over 220.

Road into Dubai

Marina Walk. Yes that's pleasant!

The Uber cab let me off directly at the MarinaWalk. From there, a walkway leads along the "river" either left or right. But more or less everything always looks the same.

Nevertheless, very impressive and spectacular! I liked this area.

Sven in Dubai

Burj Khalifa @ Night

In the evening I wanted to see the Burj Khalifa again in the dark and take the direct metro line from the hotel to the Burj Khalifa.

Meanwhile, I also knew about the shortcut, but even with that, it is necessary to walk a few hundred meters. Every evening there is a show at the Burj Khalifa. 

I was however a little disappointed, have meant here would take place a mega light show with projection on the Burj Khalifa. I was told that this is not on a daily schedule.

That only happens on special occasions or on new years eve.

The water show also lasted only 10 minutes or so and the whole spook was then over.

Burji Ali

Day 4 - Time to leave for Qatar

This afternoon I left for Qatar and until then I had time to arrange various administrative things for the entry and the organization of PCR tests.

My Dubai conclusion

Dubai is impressive! I can understand a little bit why so many people immigrate to this country and this city.

It is now probably a city like Hong Kong or Singapore, right at the pulse of the economy and there is everything you need to live by the highest standards. Next time in the UAE I will probably visit the capital Abu Dhabi, or again Dubai, to see how the city develops.

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