Malta - This place is endless uniqueness

Malta is small compared to other countries, but among the few tiniest countries in Europe. Thankfully there was the hopOnhopOff bus, because I didn’t really inform myself a lot about the place and how to get around. 

Now back in the hotel and feel like after a super long run, except that I didn’t run but a lot of walking and bus driving :D! Arrived yesterday 10pm in the hotel and then went out for dinner and then a drink and sleep early, so that I was eagerly to explore the country :) That’s why I made it easy and jumped on it in the morning, driving the north route and had a great day. It’s a really nice country and the also the buildings... very nicely built. And so much of coastline everywhere with beautiful dark blue water.


Sitting in the airport waiting for departure of the plane:). Yesterday I did the south hopOnhopOff tour and it was similar astonishing as on saturday. There is the capital city Valletta and its truly amazing how it is built. All the buildings are so uniquely built as I have never seen before. Like in old town from ancient times behind big walls. But it explains why they built it that way, because they wanted to protect from pirates:) I just felt like that I didn’t have enough time to get around everywhere in detail as it was huge and with so many small sidestreets. The hotel was nice too as I had a bath tub and enjoyed a bath every day now :)


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