Uganda - Driving to Lake Bunyonyi

Sitting now in the guest house right at Lake Bunyoni in Uganda, which is my first destination in Uganda after coming directly from Rwanda with the nice rental car 4wd and its nice air conditioning.

May 26 - Stopover at Lake Bunyonyi

Rental Car at Lake Bunyonyi
The rental car. Good car.

Coming from Rwanda to Uganda with a rental car:
Self-driving in Rwanda into Uganda and Back. Following the genocide path.

Driving from Rwanda to Uganda on the main roads is easy. Roads are in good condition, except around the Lake Bunyonyi, I guess a nightmare if it rains. The scenery during the drive is with many hills and mountains with people working on them and in the fields.

Border crossing from Rwanda to Uganda

Only the border crossing from Rwanda was a hassle, cause it was mandatory visit different offices at the border to make different kinds of registrations while writing down all possible details in the officer's notebook... not the computer notebook, but the old school pencil-writing notebook :) Still seems to work for them in 2017 tho!

Almost at Lake Bunyonyi

Arriving in Kabale. From here is a short ride to Lake Bunyonyi. Continuing from Kabale I spotted different stone pits, and it seems that its normal here those whole families are working in there. Kabale Town:

Daily life in Kabale Town

Stonepit. But they probably are not digging for diamonds.

Stone pit at Lake Bunyonyi

Seems those whole families have to work in the stone pits. As men, women, children, are all carrying stones around.

Child labor in Uganda

Still on the road but first glimpse onto the lake

View from guesthouse terrace
Silent Lake Bunyony in Uganda

May 27 - From Lake Bunyonyi to Kisoro

Went up early in the Uganda guesthouse at the lake and drove towards Kisoro, which is the last town in Uganda.

I tried to set my foot into the DRC, but no chance for me from there to cross into Dem. Rep. Congo, as no visa available and also big problems when trying to come back to Uganda afterward. So better skipping that for another time :)

Arriving in Kisoro

Kisoro town is the last village before crossing into Dem. Repl. Congo. This place is also used for accomodating refugees from there and a camp is built on an old airport field. My motivation around here was to have something for lunch and get a glimpse of the DRC through the border and make a photo :)

Kisoro Town

Democratic Republic Congo

Border from Uganda to Democratic Republic Congo. Have no visa for DRC, so I only can take photo from Uganda side ;(. But first had to ask this border guard (right) a few times to get an allowance for taking a photo of the border - he wasn't happy about it at all  :)

So I have to wait to visit the DRC for someday in the future.

Border Crossing Kisoro to Rwanda

Border Crossing Uganda Rwanda

Last photo before crossing the border back from Uganda to Rwanda
Last photo before crossing the border back from Uganda to Rwanda

Back to Rwanda across the border in Kisoro

After Kisoro the border into Rwanda is right there, The trip from Rwanda is here:
Rwanda - Following the genocide paths

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