Mozambique - Searching lazy whalesharks

Mozambique is famous for its big amount of whale sharks relatively close to the shore. Thats why I went there from Johannesburg, to find them and go diving. But even it was best season to see them, it was a difficult search!

April 20 - Johannesburg to Mozambique

Arrived in the area Inhambane this afternoon, coming with the flight from Johannesburg. Inhambane is small and very rural and so is the size of the airport. Basically a small cottage with an immigration desk, on which chaos is probably the norm. The visa was around 90 USD and to be paid in exact amount at the wooden desk.

Flying from Johannesburg was the only realistic option in that small amount of given time.

From Inhambane it was about a half hour drive towards the east coast, where Tofo is located. A long stretch of beach with a few bungalows and houses, small market and a few restaurants.

Outside of the small bungalow on the veranda, is a good location to recover from the diving.

The Tofo beach.

April 21 - First day of diving

Getting up early to head to the dive shop in Tofo Beach.

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