Montenegro - Drive Thru Sveti Stefan

Arrived in Podgorica and luckily there was no hassle when on picking up the rental car. Drove into the city center to have a quick walk through the main and most important areas in town, had lunch, stocked up with water and some snacks and continued driving towards Sveti Stefan, some famous Island on the sea side of Montenegro. The driving took me longer than I estimated, and I was a bit in a rush. To stick to the plan I had to be at the Montenegro-Albania border before its getting dark, cause from there, I had to cross through Albania and continue towards Kosovo as direct as possible.

Thankfully the weather was wonderful and so the Sveti Stefan Island was nice to look at from a roof top terrace in a restaurant, while having a coffee and relax legs before continue towards Albania.

Route from Podgorica to Sveti Stefan and Albania border

Sveti Stefan

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