Andorra - The paradise for french shoppers

As the small country Andorra has no airport, I needed to get there from either Toulouse in France or Barcelona. I decided for Toulouse because flights were more convenient and drive from there with a rental car to small Andorra.

Day 1 - From Toulouse to Andorra by rental car

After arriving in Toulouse yesterday, there was no problem picking up the rental car at the airport. As it was already evening, I spend this night in Toulouse and start driving to Andorra in the early morning.

Spectacular driving into Andorra

The ride was not so spectacular until it started going up the mountain, maybe one hour before reaching Andorra. The border to Andorra is nearly on the top and right after crossing the border, the shopping malls were visible, together with its hundreds or even thousands of French shopping tourists.

Arriving in Andorra. But its not yet the capital Andorra la Vella.

The first kilometers into Andorra

The road continues up along the mountain and from here it was about one hour to the heart of Andorra.
All along the road big shops grocery for french shopping tourists.

No idea what these animals are supposed to do here :)

It was possible to try from everything inside the shops. 

Lots of meats to try from.

Meat is much cheaper in Andorra than in France

French people buy alcohol in large amounts

Arriving in the capital "La Vella"

Arrived before lunchtime in the capital. After parking the car it was convenient to start walking through the capital.

Andorra la vella, the capital, from the mainstreet.

Finally arriving in the Andorra la Vella.
Parked the rental car in the hotel and started roaming around the city. It was busy with many tourists and especially shopping tourists.

Surely these streets will be even more filled with people during winter and skiing season. For such a small capital, there are a lot of buildings with shops and restaurants, made mainly for tourists.

Behind the bridge over the 44km long river Gran Valira.
This the road where the real shopping area is, with lots of tobacco and alcohol shops.

Especially tobacco and alcohol are much cheaper than in France, but also cheaper than in many other countries in Europe. 

With so cheap tobacco and other groceries, its no wonder that each weekend so many french people come here to shop.

This building on the left is the Caldea Thermal Bath and if it would not have been such nice weather, I would have taken a bath.

Etrance to the famous Caldea Thermal Baths.

This thing (a clock) is called Noblesse du Temps Salvador Dalí

Andorra lookout

Andorra from above

Day 2 - Driving back from Andorra to Toulouse

It started in the early morning from Andorra to get back to the airport in Toulouse. At the end I was a little bit low in time and for the first time I was happy that my plane was delayed :)

On the way out of Andorra, back towards French border, I liked the morning light that is soon brighten up the city.

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