Germany - Russia attacks Hamburg

Essentially I'm living next to Germany and have been many times there, but never made any real intentional travel as a visitor to a big German city center for solely watching things to see. So Hamburg was basically the first city in Germany regarding that and it was totally worth visiting it.

February 25 - Russian Cold Whip attacks the Elbphilharmonie

To be fair, of course not Russia itself has invaded Hamburg this weekend, but the Russian weather was attacking :).
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Arrived on Saturday afternoon and therefore did not having much time before its getting dark, as it was still February. The weather app told me as a forecast that there will be lots of wind and so I know to expect some freezing cold snap from the so-called "Russian cold whip", which was the ice cold weather in Russia these weeks and now arrived in the western part of Europe. 

But what I didn't expect was, that it was THAT cold with minus 12 degrees and additional strong wind which made it feel like minus 20 degrees.

At least it didn't rain or snow.. at least not on Saturday (where even the sun came out for some minutes).

Such an impressive Speicherstadt - or Storage City

The most impressive thing in Hamburg is probably the Speicherstadt, which is made of tall old buildings, built on timber-piles and overlooking the river "Elbe". In this area people kept the goods, coming from all over the world with the ships. Nowadays its still used as storage for carpets.

Also around the Speicherstadt, the Elbphilharmonie. A cool building, looking like a giant cube with a roof that looks like a weird crown. Haven't been up there as I didn't want to be exposed more to wind and snow than it was already down there on the street. 

All the area around the Harbor is very unique. Walking around there has a great scenery, with all the old buildings, the boats and ships and ship cranes.

If I had more time, I definitely would have walked through a tunnel which leads below the Elbe from the "Landungsbrücken" to the small island with the cranes and stuff.

The "Stadtrundfahrt"

Hamburg City Hall
On Sunday I had the best sightseeing bus tour ever. As it was cold and started to snow heavily I opted for having a bus tour that brings me to the main things to see in Hamburg.

The moderation was not with normal Audio and headphones, no, there was a commentator with a microphone who was explaining everything in a funny way by himself without any script he read from, and this for almost 1.5 hours non-stop. Impressive, especially when thinking he has to do this for all day long.

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