Visiting all countries. The idea of visiting every country is a grand endeavor that spans many years and is a lot of effort. As I journeyed across the globe, I realized that memories of my travels would inevitably fade with time. To preserve these precious moments, I began documenting my experiences and challenges. This written record not only serves as a personal memoir for me to revisit but maybe also as a valuable guide for fellow travelers seeking insights about specific countries. After all, the essence of the internet lies in the exchange of information, doesn’t it?

My global "exploration" initially revolved around visiting various diving spots, some of which were in extremely remote locations. Over the years, I realized that I should enrich my travels by integrating sightseeing and not only going for scuba diving adventures.

This blog is brimming with photographs, as they are arguably the best way to capture moments and illustrate why it’s worth traveling to every country. Admittedly, I sometimes struggle with reducing the number of images for the sake of page load speed. However, when it comes to deciding which pictures to keep and which to discard, I often find myself unable to choose and end up retaining most of them. After all, each image represents a unique memory and story.

A few years ago, I hadn’t even considered it, but as time passed and I found myself having visited 50% of all countries, I realized there was no reason not to continue and strive to visit every country in the world. Map of my Visited Countries.

When and if I will finish at all and what country will be my last one? 
I have no idea yet, time will tell. 

So far, thanks for visiting!
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