I'm Sven and probably an addict. No not alcohol, but I match the pattern of a traveler who counts countries and realized this a few years ago after counting the visited countries for the first time. 

Most people do judge this behavior of traveling to many new countries in a relatively short time as nonsense.

However, this kind of traveling is a hobby and for me at this time, the most effective way to maintain work-life balance. It's simply a different style of traveling and it works.

It all started with traveling to the best dive spots on the planet and that required going to some very remote places. It all summed up over the years and then I figured out I definitely should combine scuba diving and the sightseeing. If there is a place where it is possible to go scuba diving and which is on my list for diving, then I probably will go there.

Some years ago I didn't even think about it, but meanwhile a few years later and 50% of all countries visited, I realized that I can make it and visit EVERY country in the world.

Visited Countries & Map HERE

Why traveling so much and to so many countries in relatively a short time?
I don't like spending days or even weeks at the same place doing relaxing things. Its the curiosity about what is behind the next corner and this curiosity drives me to continue traveling. Also, because I have only limited annual vacation time :).

Why not traveling slower and explore more of it?
For example, let's compare two travelers: Traveller A travels slower and explores places more intense. Traveler B travels faster and much further. Both styles of traveling have its advantages and disadvantage, but none of them is the wrong way of traveling. It's always a point of view.

Don't I regret not spending more time in a nice place that I like?
Many countries cannot be compared to each other when it comes to the minimum amount of required time to see the most important things. So in some countries I stay weeks or even months and in some, I stay one or two days. It all depends what is there to see from a visitors point of view. Instead of seeing one nice place for a longer time, I get the chance instead to see two nice places in the same amount of time. However, those places which were really worth having a longer visit are kept in mind and are on my visit-again-shortlist.

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