Slovakia - UFOs and Castles say hello

Bratislava itself is small. Its nice, its cozy, has a big castle and most important: a special bridge with an UFO attached on it. And this UFO nearly steals the castle the show :). First day here is soon over and im back in the hotel. Accomodation here isnt expensive at all, but maybe I just had a good deal. Cause yesterday when I checked in, they sent me to a huge and nice room as well, but it was a room for retarded people…haha, no joke! It had a hot bath tub like I have never seen before as it was one to sit in, like in a chair! It even had a tv inside the bathroom. So yesterday when I arrived, it was already after midnight and I wanted to try bathing in that retarded hot bath tub .. :)!
The next morning I asked if I can have a normal room with a normal bath tub and then they assigned me the awesome deluxe room…yes!!! :D It even had a computer, printer and audio station inside!

Sitting now in the airport in Vienna and in a few in minutes its boarding time. This trip was my new top score in the fastest progress time through an airport on arrival and on departure. From the bus to the gate I had only about 10 minutes and the same on Friday when I arrived.

Didn’t go to Vienna anymore for a citytrip, cause it would have been too much hassle from Bratislava to Vienna city and then again back to the airport.! In the morning I spent time for going to the UFO itself and went up there to make pics. It was a bit a detour and some effort but I had enough time.

Michael's Gate in the middle of the old town is one of the most "important" things to in here.

Donau river, Danube river

Bratislava Castle.
Entrance gate to the Bratislava Castle.

On the way down from the Bratislava castle. The UFO on the bridge in the background.

The UFO bridge.

View from up on the UFO onto Bratislava Old Town.
Panorama view from the UFO onto Bratislava Old Town.

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