Belize - Next door to the Carribean

The last 1.5 week of this central america trip, I spent in Belize for mainly for diving but and some sightseeing. Coming overland from Guatemala and leaving the country overland to Mexico, I had to cross country left from right and up side down.

Had to cut out the diving part and its here: Diving in Belize

28.3.2016 - Guatemala to Belmopan
An easy undertaking was the crossing from Guatemala to Belize with the bus.
I decided to stay overnight in Belmopan, cause a) its the capital of Belize and b) its another very long bus ride tomorrow to Placencia in the south of Belize.

Streets of Belmopan, the capital of Belize.

Im staying in Belize for tonight, and departe tomorrow early morning to Placencia.

I had to waste time for a few hours in the afternoon, cause my airbnb host didnt show up as arranged.

Bus to Placencia is ready to depart.

29.3.2016 - Placencia
The beach town Placencia is famous for diving with whale sharks and these weeks its the best time of the year to see them. Whale sharks are the huge fishes.

Whale sharks grow up to 10 meters and 19'000 kilos. And I should be able to dive with them in Placencia the next few days.

The bus stops somewhere and from here I still have a way to go. Had to catch the ferry from the mainland to the half island Placencia. Had to carry my bag with underwater camera and stuff for a few hundred meters in strong midday heat.

Passing mangroves with the small ferry. They sometimes do have crocodiles here.
Arriving in Placencia. Its a popular spot for scuba diving and fishing.

At least I have a bit of  a view towards the mangroves.

This was the spot I was aiming for. The dive shop in Placencia. After talking with them, I found out that:

1. Yes, it is whale shark season
2. There hasnt been seen any whale shark for the last two weeks.

That meant its my choice to try my luck the next day, pay something around 180 USD  and look for whale sharks. The chance however, that tomorrow will be whale sharks around after two weeks without any of them, is pretty low. And thats how I didnt do any dive in whale shark paradise Placencia.  :-( 
The dive shop in Placencia.

Maybe this guy is the reason no whale sharks are around anymore... 

Instead of diving i rented a bike and explored the surrounding area.

Ritchie's Busline brings me up from Placencia to Belize City.

1.4.2016 - Caye Caulker
Arrived yesterday in Belize City with the bus from Placencia. From there I continued with the boat to Caye Caulker, the small island a few dozen kilometer off the coast from Belize. Will stay here until tomorrow and then back to Belize City, where I have checkin on the liveaboard for one week.

From Placencia in the south, up to Belize city and then with the ferry to Caye Caulker.

After an 1.5 hour boat ride, Caye Caulker shows up.

All the streets on Caye Caulker look nice like these.
Although many tourists, especially american tourists.

They washed my clothes.

This is the most common motorized transport on the island.

Became hungry when when I saw the BBQ grill. Unfortunately this one was closed.

Not too far away, there was an open and sizzling one :)

North of Caye Caulker. Caye Caulker is a small island and it only takes a few hours to walk around it.

Behind is "The Split". The Split is called the split because it splits the two parts of the Island.

The other part of Caye Caulker, behind the Split.

2.4.2016 - Belize City
Coming back from Caye Caulker Island to Belize City today in the morning. Today I spent time roaming around visiting Belize City. In the afternoon I have to board the diving boat, where I will stay for one week.

I was advised not to walk around in Belize City too far as tourists are a great opportunity for robbers to get some gain.

I kept to that advise and only walked where it was busy with cars and many people.

View from the Swing Bridge, the central point of Belize City.

This castle from looks like an Irish castle but is a church.

I enjoyed walking through these neighbourhood, even it was very hot and I felt some tension when the side streets became more run down and quiet.

Even it is old and run down, it looks nice somehow.

In this road different locals asked relatively aggressive for money and shouted harsh things.

Back to the nice roads with nicer houses and more people. 

The supreme court of Belize.

Too many people in Belize City drink way too much of this beer, the Belkin Beer of Belize.

I dont know why but this police officer looked at me as a suspect, or maybe, as a potential robbery victim in the nearer future, when continue walking in Belize City :)

Road along the harbour front and Memorial Park.

The boat in the background on the right is Belize Aggressor III. Have to checkin this afternoon.

Had to cut out the diving part and its here: Diving in Belize

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