Croatia - There are no beaches in Zagreb

For some reason I had in mind that Zagreb is one bigger and busy city, but during the first steps in this city I knew I was wrong :) So its not that big at all and has limited amounts of attractions.

I know, Croatia is nice along the cost with all those beach resorts, but Zagreb itself isnt really a pearl. I like the church with the painted roof and I like the big cathedral overlooking Zagreb. Next time however I will visit some area along the beach to have another image of Croatia :)

Arrived by plane, but the trainstation was the first thing I saw which was worth to take a look :)

The most central place in Zagreb "BAN JELAČIĆ"

Many small restaurants are around the BAN JELAČIĆ.

Miniature Zagreb.

The Old Town of Zagreb is small and not a real old old town with many old cool architecture.

Car with Zagreb numbers plate in front of the Saint Markus Church.

The Zagreb Cathedral

The central park of Zagreb. On saturday there was a concert taking place.

Taking a ride with the tram to a little bit outside of city center.

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