Chile - Easter Island and the Moai

With a visit of only four days it was a relatively short stay, considering the effort of coming here. But even though it was a very long journey, it was absolutely worth it.
Also to mention that Easter Island does nothing have in common with Easter itself, the name has been given by some discoverer a few hundred years ago. The Island has around 600 of those stone figures (Moai), ranging from 6 to 20 meters. However, as i heard, the true meaning of them is still uncovered.

11.9.2016 - Coming via Santiago to Hanga Roa
After a flight delay of 24 hours in Paris, I finally arrived on the Easter Island after around lunchtime. The accomodation staff picked me up in the airport and drove me a little bit around the Hanga Roa, the capital of Easter Island. They showed me the most important things and so after checkin I immediately started walking around, as all here was so fascinating:)

Restaurant at the front of the Island and at the street Policarpo Toro.

They also have soccer, but not too many opponents :)

Mainroad Atamu Tekena

A lot of the stone figures "Moai" are standing just nearby the main roads and the harbour front. But the most impressive figures are splattered much further away on the whole island.

Moai are also placed on graves.

Nice to watch the sunset at the open area where the Ahu Ko Te Riku stands.

Horses enjoying the island.

The harbour front again.

12.9.2016 - Driving to the Moai's
Today I hired a 4wd to discover the island. Its easy to drive as there is only one circuit to follow. Its an incredibly wonderful ride around the island to the different Moais.
Its not too far in distance with about 50km. But the ride is incredible pleasant and it takes a lot of time to also visit the different Moai's.

Ahu Tongariki

Arriving at Ahu Nau Nau.

Just some souvenier Moai's.

A storm coming very fast towards the cost. 

13.9.2016 - Driving the Island again
As it was so nice and stilll having the rental car, I drove again around the Island, especially to see it with a different light.

Driving towards Ahu Tongariki. The biggest Moai cermony area of the island.

Ahu Tongariki

Moai's splattered all over the hill at Rano Raraku

The volcanic crater of Rano Kau.

A huge turtle living in some small lake on the island between the locals.

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