Monaco - One day in the 2nd smallest country

On a sunny day the view is incredible
My second visit to Monaco, the last time was a long time ago. For such a small country there is a lot to see during a weekend visit.

It's the second smallest country in the world (right after the Vatican and a bit bigger than Nauru) and incredible what they are capable of in such a small place. The whole area is cramped with apartment blocks and everything is built upwards, due to lack of space.

Map of Monaco
Things to see for tourists

Monaco as the whole country is only 3km in length and 1km in width, but every year they host a Formula 1 Grand Prix which takes place inside the city and around the resident apartment blocks.

Tall apartment buildings all over Monte Carlos

From Nice to Monaco by train

Flew to Nice and came to Monaco from Nice by train.

It's only a 30-minute train ride along the coast from Nice to Monte Carlo, the capital of Monaco. All along the nice south coast.
Arrived in Monte Carlo early in the morning, equipped with croissants and cappuccino.

The train station is on the elevated area of Monaco and when leaving the upper part of the station there is a preview of the stunning view onto the bay of Monaco.

View onto the harbor
Train station entrance on the top of the hillOne Mainroad in MonacoIn front of apartments

My first stroll takes me to the western district of Monaco. It may seem like a long distance, but in reality, it’s just about a 15-minute leisurely walk. In the morning, the sun rises majestically from the Mediterranean Sea, casting a brilliant light over all of Monaco - the perfect time for photography.

Navigating here is almost foolproof. Thanks to the Formula 1 races that have been broadcast on TV for many years, there’s a high chance you already have a clear mental image of what Monaco’s streets look like, even if you’ve never been here before. The main roads either lead to the tunnel and then to the bay, or up to the mountain.

Since I arrived from the mountain, there was only one direction to go - towards the tunnel and the famous Casino of Monte Carlo.

Tunnel where the formula 1 cars drive through
Most famous casino in Monaco Sightseeing hop on hop off busGreat view on the harbor

Expensive cars all over...

Monaco is renowned for its affluent residents and their luxurious cars. There may not be another country in the world where wealth is as conspicuously displayed. Here in Monaco, it either cruises down the streets or sails on the sea.

The constant presence of high-end vehicles is palpable. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, Bentleys, Maseratis, and Rolls Royces traverse the city as if it's the most ordinary occurrence. Even if they're not immediately visible, their distinctive sounds echo through the streets of the city center.

Ferrari in on formula 1 track

The bay area is stunning.

The sight of all the yachts and towering apartment buildings that overlook the quaint harbor is a spectacle to behold. It’s a beautiful view indeed.

Harbor with all the Yachts
With the palais des princes in the backgroundMonaco has lot of rich peopleMonumentHundreds of yachts

Then, there's the area surrounding the castle, situated on the hill on the other side of the bay.

From that vantage point, the view of the harbor is equally stunning, yet it offers a different perspective with the towering buildings serving as a backdrop.

On the top and overlooking the hercule port
Ancient monumentThe second famous harbor in Monaco

When the weather changes the whole scenery at the harbor looks different.

Port Hercule
Monaco has small and big boats and crusieshipsAs a harbor country, weather can change quickly

Visiting in and around the Casinos

Monaco is home to two renowned casinos. One is, of course, the Monte Carlo Casino, and right next to it is the Sun Casino. As I was dressed in shorts, I was only granted entry into the Sun Casino.

It was the afternoon, and a handful of people were already engaged in games of chance. One table, in particular, drew a larger crowd - they were playing roulette. I found myself captivated by the scene and spent about 30 minutes just observing.

The spectacle of attendees casually wagering large sums of money was simply too impressive to ignore. In the short time I was watching, I saw thousands of Euros change hands. One player, in particular, he seemed to be in a rush to part with his 100 Euro notes. He must have been wealthy, both in terms of money and, seemingly, in terms of addiction.

In front of the Monte Carlo Casino is an area featuring a glass sphere that beautifully reflects the casino.

Many celebreties are coming here
Many movies have been recorded here At the casinoNice building next to the casino

Back to Nice

As the day concluded, I wrapped up my visit to Monaco.

I had explored the casinos, navigated the streets, and admired the harbor views. Now, it was time to return to Nice, and I prepared to board the train for the journey back.

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