Mauritius - What to do in only 3 days?

An extensive 11.5-hour flight led to an early morning arrival at the modern and expansive Mauritius airport. Despite the island's size, the airport showcased its capability to handle a substantial influx of tourists. Immigration? Piece of cake, super efficient, no issues at all. In that matter, way above African standards.

My plan was to stay 3 days in Mauritius, drive around with a rental car and then continue to Madagascar. A two-hour flight connects the two countries.

Is three days enough for Mauritius?

So, I spent only three days in Mauritius. Did it feel rushed? Absolutely. Even though I had a similar amount of days in many other countries, in Mauritius it was a bit too short.

I should have planned at least 1-2 days more and done more scuba diving. Especially as scuba diving here is among the cheapest on the planet but at the same time provides the highest quality in operator handling, equipment, and visibility & variety underwater.

Arriving in Mauritius

It was 6am and upon stepping outside the airport, the rental employee was already waiting. Seems like Mauritians are reliable - again, by African standards. So without delay, the exploration of Mauritius commenced. 

The island's roads, though narrow and winding, were impressively well-maintained, with a notable absence of potholes.

It was apparent that the locals adhered to speed limits, maintaining a watchful eye on foreign drivers, particularly those accustomed to driving on the right, as Mauritius follows left-side driving.

Scenic ride along the coasts of the small country

I had to drive to the north of the island. The distance of crossing the whole country in diameter could be done in 2 hours. Have to do that on the way back, but the more scenic route is obviously along the edge with many stops along the way.

The journey unfolded along the coastal ring road, reaching the very western southern point at Le Morne.

This location boasted a prominent hill, offering a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

It continued to Chamarel, featuring a spectacular waterfall and the renowned so-called 7 color mountains. Despite being off-season, the area was bustling with tourists.

The waterfall is nice.

I had no idea Mauritius has giant turtles, but they do have them, the same as in the Galapagos. Imported as tourist magnets?

Heading towards Flic en Flac beach, the journey veered north to Port Louis, the capital.

A detour led to the Citadel, perched atop a mountain, providing a commanding view of Port Louis. Even in this elevated terrain, the roads maintained their quality.

North of Mauritius - the best area to stay.

Finally, the day concluded at Trou aux Biches, a coastal haven for European tourists with well-equipped amenities. There is everything from European restaurants to giant supermarkets, KFC and McDonalds. 

After a lengthy and tiring flight, the arrival at 4 pm brought with it a sense of relief and the promise of a much-needed rest. And Trou aux Biches beach, conveniently located in front of the apartment, provided a scenery.

Day 2 - Among the best scuba diving on the planet

The second day began early, driven by the excitement of exploring Mauritius through diving. The island's reputation as a diving haven was evident with the abundance of dive shops, creating one of the highest densities in the world. Diving here was not only an exhilarating experience but also surprisingly affordable at 35 Euros, inclusive of equipment and a boat ride.

The morning dive unfolded as a wreck dive, just a brief 10-minute boat ride from the shore.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring the underwater camera. Especially as the visibility was exceptional, with minimal current and a plethora of fish inhabiting the relatively small area. The dives reached a depth of about 30 meters, offering a captivating underwater world for a 45-minute duration.

Afternoon, road trip again

In the afternoon I drove towards the northern part of Mauritius, characterized by well-maintained roads and picturesque beaches.

Other beaches in around the coast included Anse la Raie Beach, Preyere Beach.

Grand Baie, and Mont Choisy Beach. Maybe I mixed up the names of the beaches but that doesn't matter. 

The conclusion is they are all perfect beaches. All are located very near to each other and not too crowded, even though in proximity to most tourist hotels.

Day 3 - It's time for Madagascar

The third day marked the return journey from the northern part of Mauritius to the south, where the airport awaited departure to Madagascar in the afternoon. 

En route, a notable mountain with its distinctive stone pinnacle drew attention. While its significance wasn't fully understood, the proximity provided an up-close encounter with this intriguing geological feature.

Re-visiting Mauritius?

The experiences in Mauritius, from its diverse landscapes to the underwater wonders, were definitely short but nice. I think I will return, especially for scuba diving.

But in the meantime, right now another interesting trip is unfolding. Road trip through Madagascar.

The departure to Madagascar proceeded as scheduled, with a flight time of approximately two hours.

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